In honor of uniqueness of life

Unique and ecological urns from Finland

Uurnia’s roots are deep in Finnish nature. Unique and ecological urns are handcrafted from our national tree birch. Urns are a tribute to the beauty of the Finnish nature and the uniqueness of life.

The birth of Uurnia

Uurnia by Mervi Martiskin was born from the desire to make unique and ecological urns that combines the beauty of nature and the dignity of life.

Birch has been used to make cradles, sleigh skis and tableware. The tree continues living even after it has fallen. It lives on in the hands of the craftsman and in a finished item until it settles into its final form.

Finally when it returns to nature, it becomes part of the eternal cycle once again.

Uurnia was born from this idea . A unique and ecological urn is handmade from Finnish birch. The urn combines the beauty of nature and the dignity of life – it is a tribute to both of them.

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Beautiful and ecological cremation

Nowadays all over the world majority of people are cremated. In Finland people have often a wish where the ashes should be buried. The final destination for the urn is often somewhere important place, such as a cottage or a beloved childhood landscape.

Many people also purchase an urn for themselves or a loved one in advance. This way, you can ensure that the urn is exactly the way you want it.

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